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We are creators. Plain and simple. It is our Divine true nature. What’s more, we are given the privilege to have a human experience here on earth so that we may discover our selves and our creative powers. Being on earth is a great school and a wonderful playground.

Most people are still creating, completely unaware of what they are doing. Learning to create is also a bit of an awakening process.

Though many are looking to create material things such as money or relationships – which is fine – it is also good to know that we create the circumstances of our lives. Every single thing we do has an impact on us in this lifetime or another. Reincarnation and the law of karma are part of the rules of the game of creation. We must take full responsibility for everything that happens to us and the situations we encounter. There are no coincidences and no accidents.

In this post, I will discus the general principles of creation.

If you want to create money, I have to stop you right here. Money is not a thing on its own but a means of exchange and more particularly an exchange of energy. If you are in need of money, I have to ask you how you would like to channel your creative energies so that in exchange you can receive money. (See also: The Nature Of Money)

Every creation begins in your mind. When you have an idea or a thought, you create something in your mind. There, it has already been actualized but in the material world it has not materialized yet (look at the word materialize: to realize in the matter). It’s actually a good thing. You have an opportunity to fine-tune your imagination, fill in the details, to bring it to perfection. The more you think about it, the more detailed your idea becomes and the more it takes shape in the energy field. Sometimes, your idea may not be a good idea after all and so you can let go of it before it turns into reality. Anyways, this is the first step in the creation process.

The next step is to fuel your creation and this is done by thinking about it with love and most importantly, to feel joy while thinking about it. This is crucial. Joy is the super fuel, the magical fertilizer that will allow your creation to come to fruition. I cannot emphasize this enough.

The rest of the creative process may sometimes completely happen by itself because that’s the nature of the Universe, it is a huge wish-fulfilling machine. Of course, you may be called or guided to do certain things, but really the major work is done here.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to constantly think about it. Because every time you do, the Universe stops and listens to you. So the more you think about it, the more you interrupt the process. Any seed or young plant that is growing, needs care: water it daily but don’t over-water or it will die. Same for your creation: you can daily think about it for a moment, e.g. in your meditation, feel how happy it makes you and then let it go. Let go and let God.

Daily thinking about a chair is not going to create a chair, you may say. You may need to learn the skill, find or buy wood and put it together. True. But it is also true that you were thinking of making the chair and that would give you joy so that’s what happened. The Universe gave you making a chair. Other people may just think how nice it would be to have a chair to sit on and they may come across one they like in a store, see one in a magazine and buy it, or find one on the street left behind by people who just moved. Never judge the Universe on how it gave you what you asked for! Sometimes, somebody may just give you what you were longing for and it’s up to you to see the perfection of it all.

Many years ago, I thought about having a healing center. I discovered a web building program that was pre-installed on my computer so I started playing around with it and designed a website. I was having fun, lots of fun. I saw the healing center in my minds eye and designed a website accordingly. Treatment rooms and a class room, which healing modalities and classes to offer, what kind of therapists to bring on board. I called it The House Of Compassion and the name was evidence of the love that I felt while creating it. Nothing happened. I continued my life and forgot about it, but in the back of my mind, I kept this idea alive.

Many years went by. I got remarried, left the big city and moved to a small town in Central California, found a place to live and started a healing center. We had just watched the movie The Blues Brothers and because everything was going so smoothly and flawlessly, we laughed and joked that we too were on a mission from God. We were.

And so the Be Well Center was born. We had a classroom where we offered yoga, tai chi and chi gong classes. I taught weekly spiritual healing workshops as well. There were treatment rooms with massage therapists and a consultation room for our classical homeopath. In addition, we invited guest teachers on a regular basis.

After a few months, my wife and I were looking back on how it all happened so easily and suddenly I remembered The House Of Compassion. I dug up my old back-up DVDs and sure enough, there it was. I showed Janet and literally, the entire idea had been realized in detail! We started laughing and were really excited.

The Universe (or God) had guided us to this area, paved the way by finding an excellent location, getting approval from the city, finding therapists and teachers… I’ll spare you the many miraculous details here but everything just went easy!

It’s a great personal example of how creation happens…


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