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Sorry, there is no such thing.

“Huh? Are you saying that the classes I took, the special meditation techniques and abundance workshops don’t work? I paid a lot of money for those and you are saying the abundance is still not going to flow to me?”

Nope. If you think that money is going to fall in your lap or that wealth and good things are going to come to you just because you took a class or you did some spiritual healing, you are wrong. The teacher who told you so is only abundant or wealthy himself because you paid him big bucks for a bunch of lies and crap. Sorry, but that’s how it is.

Open up to abundance is kind of like saying, open up to the air and let it flow to you so you can breathe. The air has always been there, and you have been breathing your whole life. But maybe you have never paid attention to how you breathe and you haven’t been breathing well… And that is something you can learn.

There is a lot of confusion about the concept of abundance and people who have abundance issues mostly focus on lack. They live with the idea that there is not enough for everybody. They live with a poverty consciousness, while quite the opposite is true. There is an abundance in the universe and it is at our disposal.

“So we can open up to it,” I hear you say. Yes, as long as you put it this way: open your mind to the idea of abundance, meaning that you truly begin to believe that there is indeed enough for everybody; that there is no need for fierce competition. So opening up to abundance is merely a shift in consciousness, from poverty or scarcity consciousness to abundance and prosperity consciousness.

Although this doesn’t directly resolve your abundance issues, it is the first step. Accept the idea that there is enough for everybody. This also eliminates the fear of poverty. Fear is a very destructive and sabotaging energy, so good riddance here!

Your obvious next question is: “If there is enough of everything, why is it that I lack all these things like money, customers, a life partner?” Opening up to abundance should now be rephrased as: “How can I get what I want?”

Air is there so you just need to breathe and you can learn how to do that efficiently. So too, you can learn how to attract the right person for you or how to get more customers, but I think most of you are at this point more interested in learning how to make more money…

Well, it’s not just going to fall into your lap. Sorry again. But we have finally come to the point: how to create money?

First of all, it’s the Federal Reserve who creates money. You, you will do or create something that can be exchanged and to make things easy in our society, we collectively created the concept of money as a means of exchange. So the question is really, what do you want to create or how do you want to use your creative energy to receive money as an exchange for what you do?

The answer and truth lie in the question itself. We refer to God as the Creator and we too are little creators. The truth is that we are all Divine beings, creating all the time. Just as we are not fully – or not at all – aware of our own true nature, so too, we are not aware of what and how we are creating. Expanding our spiritual awareness and learning the rules of the game will change that. Even the best sales techniques can fail if you refuse to see yourself as a being of a Divine nature. Let’s learn to consciously create – and co-create because we are not alone in the game.

So you see, open up to abundance actually means open up to the idea of abundance – rather than dwelling on lack. This leads to a shift in your consciousness.

How to open up to abundance also hides your real question – How to make money? This question invites us to investigate the nature of money and the process of creation which will teach us a bit more about our own true nature. All roads may lead to Rome, but all questions bring us closer to God.


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