Profound healing, positive & lasting life changes, mental clarity. This is what students commonly experience after a workshop with Roel.

You will feel at ease in his loving and caring presence as he shares spiritual lessons with simplicity and humor. Meditations go deep, awareness expands, energy shifts.

Every workshop is a unique event and if you’d like to help organize one closer to you, please contact us.

  • Meditation

    Establishing a daily practice

  • Reiki Class

    at the Be Well Center

  • Lecture on Spiritual Healing

  • Qigong Workshop

    at the Sacred Spark Hot Yoga studio

  • Lecture on Spiritual Healing

  • Yoga with a message

  • Inner Wisdom

    Weekly Spiritual Healing event at the Be Well Center

  • Taking a day off in Sedona, AZ

Events: There are currently no new Events scheduled.