Who is Roel

Roel is a spiritual teacher and a healer. He was born in Belgium where he learned the energy art of tai chi and chi gong and he became very proficient at using the chi or energy to help others heal. His true gift however, is to help people heal their heart and guide them to higher levels of spiritual consciousness.

People feel safe and at ease in his presence because he emanates such high levels of love and compassion. When leading workshops, Roel manages to put the ego aside and so allow the Divine to come through. From this state of connectedness, he shares profound spiritual teachings and principles with simplicity and clarity.

Roel – with his great sense of humor – believes spirituality should not be serious business and people will often break out in laughter, though occasionally you may shed some tears when deep healing takes place.

When you meet Roel, you will see there is nothing special about the way he dresses or behaves. He is real, truly himself and far from pretentious, but his energy, the light that he holds is very loving and caring. Being around him during a workshop can be a spiritual healing experience by itself.

Roel says he is not the Doer, but through his state of connectedness with the Divine, love and wisdom just pour forth from him. He believes we all have this ability and should personally strive for establishing a permanent connection with the Higher Consciousness. Roel hopes to help you with this through this website, his work and teachings.

Roel's Story

“I was born in Belgium and for many years, I worked as an investment banker. In those days, I used to skydive to survive my life, I wasn’t living it.

Then, one day the Universe blessed me with a martial arts injury and my life as it was literally came to a stop. My recovery at home took a month and with so much time on hand I couldn’t but go inward and reflect upon my life and my happiness.

Shortly after, I got introduced to Tai Chi and Chi Gong. Seven years of intensive, daily practice helped me go through a complete transformation and I opened up to my true calling – to help others heal.  I became a Chi Gong healer (Buqi).

Again, the Universe reached a helping hand – well, that’s how I looked at it afterwards.  I lost my house in a rainstorm which actually set me free and I met a lady from Hollywood, fell in love and left Belgium to go live with her. Life was good, got married, I grew as a person and as a healer.

My healing work evolved and became more spiritual in nature. Many sessions were so profound when I learned to step aside as the ‘Doer’ and allow the Divine to come through. It was a fabulous experience both for me and my clients.

The connection between healing and spirituality became more and more clear. Ultimate healing was something that I could not do for my students; they had to do that themselves. I was still teaching chi gong workshops, but spirituality became an important part of it.

Again, life happened. I got divorced and at the same time was Divinely guided to go on a spiritual learning journey. I followed the advice of a friend who was also a well-known psychic from New York and checked out a spiritual teacher for my personal healing and for inspiration – not to follow, she said. I needed and found much healing during that time.

My spiritual opening and awakening deepened as I struggled with difficult relationships. At the same time, healing work and teachings blossomed beautifully.

And then something happened. The beauty of my spiritual growth and understanding finally collided head-on with the ugliness of the relationship I was dealing with and I had a moment of intense realization. An awakening. All my lifetimes flashed before my eyes in not even a second and suddenly I understood a misconception I had lived with since the beginning of time. I had been wrong about who I am and had lived with shame and fear for eons. Finally, I realized the truth that I truly am a Divine Being and that everything that had ever happened had only one purpose – to help me become completely self aware. I was filled with joy and fell in love with the Divine in everything and everybody. This state of bliss lasted for several months.

Within a few weeks after this soul-touching experience, I met my wife Janet and I was guided to start a healing center. Our Be Well Center evolved and turned into a beautiful hot yoga studio, Sacred Spark – Hot Yoga For A Joyful Life. It goes without saying that the focus of our yoga offerings was on helping people feel better and clear the path for spiritual growth.

And so, after seven years of community service through the Sacred Spark, I was called again, this time to pick up my work as a spiritual teacher and bring the true meaning of Yoga – Union with God – to the world; to help raise spiritual awareness by sharing my love, wisdom and life experiences with you. We are all on a spiritual journey and I am here to help you discover the loving truth about yourself and life.”

Disclaimer – The information provided on this website (ideas, suggestions, articles etc.) is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute advice from your counselor or physician or other healthcare professional. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any physical or mental health issues. Always consult with a healthcare professional if you think you have a health problem. Never stop taking medication without consulting your physician.

Healing refers to achieving a greater sense of well-being, contentment, happiness. It does NOT refer to curing illness or treating physical or mental disorders. Spiritual healing refers to experiencing a deeper connection with the Divine.

In his own words
Roel – about himself
“I am just a person, someone who loves to be of service.
What drives me is my compassion, an intense desire to help others ease their suffering and pain.
Yet, at the same time, I realize I can only offer my help.  I can point out a direction or path that I know have worked for many people – including myself. But ultimately, the journey is yours.
As a teacher, I strive to live my truth, to be the very embodiment of my own teachings and to help you connect with the love and truth in your heart. This can help you break the cycle of suffering and awaken to the ultimate reality of your own true Self – and find lasting peace and happiness.”
Video - Who is Roel

In this short video, Roel talks about himself as a teacher, his certifications and the path he has chosen to walk.